Nicolas Odinet's work can be described as capturing instantaneous happiness.
The work's subtlety lies in his capacity to discern, in everyday life, a moment of joy, beauty, happiness, or even humour, hidden in the ordinariness of a scene, as fleeting as perfume, and portray it on canvas and share it with us. He seeks to guide the spectator towards these moments, which he captures by chance on his walks, to show him that life is good.
His work transports us to places that are commonplace and plain, both near and far, yet always bathed in a particular, intense and melancholy light.
There where his feet take him, he is free, attentive and ready to feel an emotion he will keep.
Every one of his paintings is an emotion, and his aim is for the spectator to experience it, or at times recollect it, because each of us has already crossed one of his paintings without perhaps having felt its emotion.
The selfish, personal happiness felt before these scenes gives way in his canvases to a broad generosity through the sharing implied. The result is immediate and effective.
The quality of his drawing and the power of his technique in terms of light bring life to the various characters captured in two dimensions on the canvas.
The style is uncluttered, detail is used precisely if relevant, and the originality of the framing and the postures of his paintings' actors are meticulously ascertained to better illustrate and quickly draw the spectator into the scene.